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How to use the plastic pallet properly?

2012-07-27 14:35:39 Midwell International Plastic Industry Read

The way to use plastic pallets correctly:

The correct use of packaging tray should be combined on the pallets and add the appropriate packing and wrapping, convenient mechanical handling and transport, handling, storage and transportation to meet the requirements of.

Load quality of pallet

The weight of each tray shall be less than or equal to 2 tons. In order to ensure the safety of transportation, the height of the center of gravity of the cargo is not more than 2/3 of the width of the tray.

Two, pallet stacking mode

According to the cargo pallet type, the quality and the size of the tray, reasonably determine the goods on the pallet stacking. The utilization ratio of the bearing table area of the tray should not be less than 80%. The following requirements for pallet stacking:

1, wood, paper and metal containers and cargo monolayer or multilayer rigid rectangular staggered way, stretch or shrink film packaging;

2, paper or fiber goods goods stacking monolayer multilayer, with cross banding sealing;

3, a sealed metal container monolayer or multilayer stacking cylinder goods, wooden goods cover of reinforcement.

4, the need for moisture-proof and waterproof protective paper products, textile goods and monolayer or multilayer staggered way, stretch or shrink film packaginggoods increase angle support, goods cover partition reinforcement structure;

5, fragile goods single or layerspieces, increase the wooden support clapboard structure;

6, metal bottle single vertical cylindrical containers or goods stacked, increased cargo box and slab reinforcement structure;

7, bags of goods stacked multi-layer staggered compaction.

Three. The fixed way of carrying the goods on the tray

The cargoes carried by the tray are mainly tied, glued and stretched, and can be used in cooperation with each other.

Four. The protection and reinforcement of the pallet bearing goods

After the loading of the pallet is fixed, it is still unable to meet the need to choose the protective accessories according to the needs of the transport. The reinforced protective accessories are made of paper, wood, plastic, metal or other materials.

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