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Corrugated Plastic Sheet Box

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Corrugated plastic sheet boxes, Dimensions can be customerized.

  1. Detailed information
Corrugated Plastic Sheet Box:


• More durable than cardboard.

• Cleaner than cardboard(no paper dust).

• Material is waterproof.

• Lighter than many rigid plastic containers.

• Reusable / Returnable - Multiple uses.

• Easy to clean.

• Flexible design.

• Less expensive than cardboard on cost-per-trip basis.

• 100% Recyclable.

• More sanitary than cardboard.

• Environmentally Friendly.


Material Polypropylene Corrugated Plastic Sheet Box
Color Customized
Size As customer' s request
Thickness 2mm-12mm
Attributes UV resistant, ESD conductive, Corona treatment, Anti-static

 1.Light weight, rigid, strong and long time durable.

 2.Waterproof, colorfast, moisture resistance, excellent weather ability.

 3.Eco-friendly, recyclable, washable, non-toxic, anti-corrosive.

 4.Can be print on easily and clearly.

ApplicationPackingTransfer Box,mail box,display rack,partition,gift box,food packing,turnover box,dustbin,etc.AdvertisingSign board,exhibition board,billboard,caution board,picture frame backing,digital printing and screen printing.DecorationPartitions,wall cladding,indoor and outdoor decoration,windows and false ceilings,floor cover,greenhouse roof.Stationery and art designIt has multi-color,suitable for art design & various pattern box or delicate gift pack.


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